6 Reasons Why - Sleep Patch

1. Direct Absorption, Enhanced Efficacy


Speedy and Sustained Benefits: Traditional sleep pills navigate the digestive maze before they act, often losing potency on the way. Our Hypnos Sleep Patch ensures direct skin absorption, leading to swift onset and prolonged action. You'll not just fall asleep faster but remain in slumber longer, ensuring you rise truly rejuvenated.


2. Optimal Ingredients for Transdermal Delivery


Purity in Design: At Hypnos, we’re selective. While competitors crowd their products with ingredients that don’t penetrate the skin, we use only what's proven to work transdermally. No fillers, no fluff. Just pure, optimized ingredients for effective skin absorption and better sleep.

Maximum Efficiency, Minimal Side Effects: Our diligent choice of ingredients ensures you get all the benefits of a good night’s sleep without the associated risks of side-effects and drug interactions from ineffective ingredients. Sleep soundly, knowing there are no hidden surprises in your patch.


3. Ideal Dose for Perfect Dreams


Less is More: Melatonin is highly effective in small doses. While other brands flood their products with excessive melatonin in order to market them as "extra strength", we’ve found the sweet spot with 2.5mg. Right in the middle of the 1mg to 5mg range recommended for most adults, our dose ensures optimal sleep benefits with the least side effects. So, drift into dreamland confidently, knowing we've got the balance just right. 


4. Complementary Blend for Comprehensive Rest


Nature's Best Allies: Lavender, known for relaxation, and magnesium, a muscle relaxant, naturally augment melatonin's sleep-inducing effects. Together, they guarantee a sleep that's deep and undisturbed, ensuring you wake up recharged for the day ahead. In addition, magnesium is a key electrolyte critical to many key functions, and is deficient in up to 50% of Americans.

Consistent, Night-long Release: Our patch isn’t a one-hit wonder. It releases ingredients slowly and consistently, keeping you in restful sleep, hour after hour.


5. Safe, Natural and Designed for You


Nature's Bounty, Crafted for Sleep: Synthetic sleep aids often come with the morning blues or side effects. Not Hypnos. Crafted with nature's best, we ensure safety and efficacy without compromise.

Wake up to Wellness: With Hypnos, it’s not just about the hours you sleep, but the quality of those hours. Our natural ingredients ensure that you wake up feeling fresh and ready to take on the world.


6. Cost-Effective, Quality Sleep


Quality Rest, Pocket-friendly Rates: Why dive deep into your pockets for other sleep solutions when superior sleep awaits at an affordable rate? The Hypnos Melatonin Sleep Patch offers profound results without the exorbitant price tag.

Bundles of Bliss: Delve into deeper discounts with our bulk purchase options and subscription deals, and joining our Hypnos Club rewards program. Your wellness deserves the best, and with Hypnos, that doesn’t mean emptying your wallet.

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